Thursday, November 29, 2018

I committed a series of changes for Lino Tera 18.11.1 (2018-11-30).

We introduced a ńew concept of price rules which required some changes to the general invoicing algorithm. For example an invoice generator no longer needs to give a single product that will be used for all invoices.

The notes plugin until now was always in the menu group office. It can now be moved to another menu group. Tera moves t to courses. A new user role NotesStaff because notes are confidential in Tera. A secretary is office staff but must not see all notes.

I had a problem when building the docs (#2731):

>>> intersphinx_mapping = {}
>>> __file__ = "foo"
>>> from atelier.sphinxconf import interproject
>>> interproject.configure(globals(), 'atelier lino_book')
>>> intersphinx_mapping
{u'atelierdocs': ('', None), u'linobookdocs': ('', None)}

Aha, the intersphinx_urls was pointing to the www.LF but now it must point to docs.LF:

intersphinx_urls = {
    'docs': "",