Saturday, December 15, 2018

Today I did the Upgrade for cpaschatelet. Tests in The lino-book package are still broken (I want to finish live tests before adapting the doctests).

Upgrade for cpaschatelet

I upgraded the production site for welcht (Lino Welfare « Châtelet » 18.12.0 (2018-12-15)).

I decided to create a new environment instead of using

git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone

pip install -e lino
pip install -e xl
pip install -e cosi
pip install -e welfare

Oops, there was a problem:

Collecting weasyprint<0.43 (from lino==18.12.2)
  Downloading (399kB)
    100% |████████████████████████████████| 409kB 9.5MB/s
    Complete output from command python egg_info:
    error in WeasyPrint setup command: Invalid environment marker: python_version < "3.0"

Command "python egg_info" failed with error code 1 in /tmp/pip-install-_pF__a/weasyprint/

Python 2.7.3

Solution was to say:

pip install -U setuptools

I did the last TODO of the release notes : They asked to add a field “priority” to cal.Task. This required some meditation: the cal.Event model already had a field priority which was a foreign key to cal.Priority. That table was configurable via Configure ‣ Calendar ‣ Priorities. But neither the table nor the field were used by anybody. And this is very old code, today I would implement a “priority” field as a choicelist rather than a database table.

There is already a Priorities choicelist in

I decided to

New command-line option --quick for

I did #2755 and tried it on the field. The idea was that calling Model.full_clean() on every restored database row might make things very slow. Actually it doesn’t.

Help text and button_text

I worked on #1666 (help_text is not diplayed as a button hint when button has text instead of icon). The problem statement seems wrong. It is not really related to whether the button has an icon or not. Seems to be browser-specific and to depend on where the mouse cursor landed.

The button_text for lino.modlib.summaries.Summarized.compute_results() is a Sigma (). Until now it was a mathematical Sigma (∑). I changed it to a simple greek sigma (Σ):

# button_text = u"∑"  # u"\u2211"  # N-ARY SUMMATION
button_text = u"Σ"  # u"\u03A3"  # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER SIGMA