Monday, December 24, 2018ΒΆ

I maybe found a solution for how to document changes in Lino and the XL: writing release notes for every version is overkill in these two packages, because there is no discussion about particular releases as long as there is only one application developer (Rumma & Ko).

We actually just want a central summary of the changes in the framework. Anyway the application developer must write release notes for their customer if one of these changes has influence on their application. The customer is not going to scan through changes in the framework when evaluating a new version of the application.

I moved all release notes from 2018 into a single page 2018. I then reviewed my blog and added a summary of recent changes to the 2018 summary. Yes, this work of summarizing my blog is the main point of change notes for Lino and XL, and I think that having only one page per year will help me to keep them up to date.