Tuesday, April 27, 2021

I continued with my review of the “documentation network” (see Monday, April 26, 2021).

Today’s most visible result is a new documentation page List of known Lino applications, which is automatically generated when I run inv bd in the cg because this repository uses the new make_docs_command setting, which calls the new command getlino list.

I reviewed the description, url, author and author_email fields in all setup_info.py files.

In every repository I changed author to “Rumma & Ko Ltd” and author_email to “info@lino-framework.org”.

I have changes in almost 40 repositories. And tthey all have the same commit message “https://luc.lino-framework.org/blog/2021/0427.html”. (I don’t recommend my exotic practice of referring to a blog entry in a commit message… but today I would have taken half an hour more for these commits without it).