Wednesday, June 2, 2021

As a side effect of my work as a Python developer for Lino I often receive job offers. I generalized the statement I wrote Thursday, May 20, 2021 and used those thoughts in my new Hire me page.

The inv bd for getlino is failing on GitLab. I can reproduce the problem on my computer as follows.

  • Deactivate my ~/.atelier/

  • In my terminal:

    go getlino
    pip uninstall atelier
    pip install atelier
    inv clean -b bd

The file of the getlino docs is not yet converted to the “new style”. But that shouldn’t be the problem.

If calls rstgen.sphinxconf.interproject() as follows:

from rstgen.sphinxconf import interproject
interproject.configure(globals(), 'atelier')

The problem was caused by a bug in atelier.projects.Project.get_xconfig(). For projects that were loaded from a python module installed from pypi (i.e. without a file) it ignored the hard-coded default values.

The problem appeared only now because I had recently removed the line doc_trees = ['docs'] from the file of several main modules. I removed it because it caused useless complexity: everybody knows that the default value for doc_trees is [‘docs’] and we shouldn’t repeat this.

I released atelier 1.1.39 to PyPI

Note that the test job for getlino still fails on GitLab. This is another story. It says:

./ line 11: docker: command not found

We simply need to also install the docker system package. We can use their convenience script <>.