Cannot join existing household

Friday, March 17, 2023

Already quite some time we have several failures in the book doctests caused by a difference in an Ajax action call. For example docs/specs/households.rst. The common thing was that one key in that Ajax call, the base_params, had been removed. And I had no idea whether that was good or bad.

Now I discovered ticket #4905, which shows that the test suite was right: it had detected a regression. The problem is that we didn’t care, and now we will need more time to find back the cause. Sharif, do you remember to have changed something in the inner code that might have caused this?

Meanwhile I had been working on a series of “minor” changes. For example I changed the way we add intersphinx mappings to synodal docs. And finally removed the dependency from rstgen to atelier

I now pushed them all to their repositories because I am waiting for Sharif’s feedback.